MINAR RAHMAN Popularly known as Minar, is an independent Bangladeshi singer - songwriter, composer, writer and cartoonist. He rose to fame with the first released song "Shada", which was a hit in 2008.Minar does write lyrics and compose songs from his childhood and has developed his own musical style. He has released his first solo album in 2008 named 'Danpitey' which is written, composed and sung by himself. He wrote and published his first novel 'Rudro Ebong Ekti Grand Piano' in Ekushey Boimela (National Book Fair) in 2019.

Minar came up with his second studio album, 'Aari' in 2011 after. His third album, 'Ahare' released in 2015. One more album Deyale Deyale released in 2016. His Song 'Jhoom' has currently more than 47 million YouTube views which is also written, composed and sung by himself.

In 2018, Minar made his debut in Tollywood, with the single, "Eka Din" for a Bengali film Fidaa.

Minar has started working as a cartoonist at one of the most popular satire magazines of Bangladesh named 'UNMAD' from 2008.